Measures + Waits

by Debbie Miller

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True to form, Debbie Miller's sophomore release 'Measures + Waits' encompasses both the seriousness and silliness of love and life.


released March 27, 2012

Produced & mixed by Greg Coldarci at Sound Slopes in Brooklyn, NY.
Engineered by Jon Hildenstein at The Creamery Studio in Brooklyn, NY.
Additional recording for "Inch by Inch" by Fred Kennedy at Kennedy-Wigton studios in Astoria, NY.
"Snippets From a Bathroom Stall" recorded live at Rockwood Music Hall in New York, NY on 12.15.10
Mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering in Seattle, WA.

Photography by Bill Wadman
Design by Kaytee Miller



all rights reserved


Debbie Miller Seattle, Washington

Songstress Debbie Miller, New York native and Seattle transplant, teeters on the line between honesty and humor. Miller will tug at your heart, cause you giggle, and make you think twice about crossing her – sometimes all during the same song. Blending humor with heart-wrenching honesty, Miller’s unique lyrics and playful melodies are memorable and infectious. ... more

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Track Name: Inch By Inch
Color me in however you like
It may be hard to stay in my shifting lines
And just so you know
My love for you is the color yellow
I can't breathe in
I'd savor scents that linger on your face
I can't exhale
I'd only sigh and give myself away

So feature by feature
Inch by Inch
Hair by hair, pore by pore, freckle by freckle
Please memorize my face
Just in case

Isn't it strange
How we behave these days
I call your name
In one thousand different ways

So hold my hand
With great awareness
Finger by finger, nail by nail, knuckle by knuckle
Because you never know
When we no more have these hands to hold

Please inhale these minutes
And hold it in, Swish it around
To savor the love
That we found
Once upon a time I
Breathed warm rivulets down your spine
All I have left are
Patterns on cheekbones once buried in your chest

So let's ration out
All the amounts
Kiss by kiss, laugh by laugh, touch by touch
I won't use up too much
I'll save them all so we have enough

And just so you know
My love for you is the color yellow
Track Name: Much Longer
I am older than an hour ago
How I've aged
And I am more sleepy than this morning
How tired I've grown

So I don't want to wait
Much Longer

Time is sliding through my fingertips
I cant grab hold
And time is running in every direction
Except in mine

So I don't want to wait
Much longer

We are wiser than about this time (than about this time)
Last year
We are better people
Than before

So we deserve not to wait
Much longer for love
Track Name: It's Been A Day
It's been a day
I wonder if you miss me
I'm willing to bet a dollar that you do
And we held hands but only for a second
I let go cuz it seemed like the right thing to do

It's been a week
I wonder where you miss me
On the streets of Brooklyn at 4 am
Cuz then one time we both went to the ocean
You looked at me and I looked straight ahead

It's been a month
I wonder when you miss me
Does it normally happen on a Tuesday night
Cuz then one time you called me from the bathroom
And I'm pretty sure that's love - at least of some kind

It's been a while
I wonder if you miss me
I can always give your dollar back
If Tuesday nights are nothing special
If the streets of Brooklyn have been painted black
Track Name: Brand New Album
Are you curious what I ate for breakfast
Do you wonder what I did last night
I did not post on Facebook this time

Did you hear I've got a brand new album out
Pretty sure it's gonna wow them all
But I care only if I wow you

It's true

And what shirt did you decide to wear today
Are you scruffy or did you shave
Either way I bet you're looking ok

But you change your look like you change your women
Always want a new beginning
I only wanted the middle part

Screw the start

And babe I know that it's been a while
But I would die to see you smile
One more time at something silly I've done

And I look for you in subway cars
On the street sometimes in bars
But I think you really might be gone

Oh, gone

I'm actually quite ok
And there's nothing I need to say
And there's nothing you need to do
Just know that sometimes I still think of you

I thought I saw you passing by
I almost ran out to come and say hi
But then what

We'd both say hi and how are you
Ad what have you been up to
And then we'd have to say goodbye

For the millionth time
The millionth time
One last time
Track Name: What's She Got
What's she got that I don't got
Except bigger boobs
A few inches to my height
And nothing to lose

What's she got to give that I don't got to give
Except a fearless heart
And beautifully sculpted
Open arms

And though it hurt when you pushed me aside
I didn't mind I didn't mind I didn't mind
It helped to bring me back back back
Back to life

What's she got that I don't got
Well, that is you
But its ok I will something or
someone else to do do do do....
Track Name: Snippets From A Bathroom Stall (live)
Give more to homeless people, smoke 2 times a day
Legalize bread make love not war
Make yourself, or be made

Love one another
Drink lots of holy water
Isaac Newton practiced alchemy... on your mother

John H is a cheater and a liar and a thief
Life is not a dream, beware
Zartan was here, or was he?

Looking for a discreet encounter
Call Patrick - 917-848-2228

When I eat Mexican food it burns when I make poo
You have no idea what
I'm going to do to you

I like it when you call me Fensworth
At least your not on fire
Walrus revolution, Ana Peru
Papa boom

Orville and Wilbur Wright were bicycle salesmen
Say goodbye or hello
To the contents of your stomach

Taco taco goose
Bovine spongiform, Black orange white
Drop anchovies paper obsolete
imitation crabmeat

The Mexican guy with glasses is really hot
I'd do him
Hey man flock of seagulls they just called and want their hair back

Employees must wash hands
Jesus' second coming
real men wear Stetson
Cars out of Manhattan

If there's someone that you want
Go out there and tell them
I was born alive isn't that punishment enough?

Can one be happy without passion
make fun of people all the time
everything which rises must converge
if it looks like a duck it's a fucking duck

roses are red, fuck all the rest
I wish you were dead
I am a stupid bog of poison frogs
Tell someone you love them

you have no chance
So don't even try
one in the jack, two in the daniels
Coffee makes you shit

I came all the way over here to write something on the wall
And you came all the way over here to read it

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
The teeth run the show in my mouth
Raise your hand if you've ever fucked a Professor

Bush blows hard, but Cheney shoots people in the face
I'll do anything for attention so I've written down my myspace...... dot com slash thedebbiemiller